Convenience Fees

No mobile fee for the first 20 miles. After 20 miles, there will be a charge of $20 plus $0.75 a mile. After hour appointments will be charged double the price of service. Same day appointments are set at a flat rate of $50 plus service provided and or mobile fee. Delayed appointment will be charged an additional $25 for the first 20 minutes and a cancellation fee of $50 afterwards.

Scheduling Appointments

We provide 24 hour service within Frederick, Montgomery, Howard Counties, MD, and Loudon County, VA. With great service at high demand additional fees will be charged if services are provided same day or if appointment is not booked within normal business hours. Please have vehicles ready before appointment, and payment ready at check out. Our team will not wait no longer than 10 - 15 mins before leaving and canceling. Additional  fees may be added for any inconvenience. Visit mobile fee section for more details

Client Contact

If we are not able to contact the client receiving our service and have no confirmation your appointment will be canceled. A cancellation charge will be applied to your card that was used to reserve your appointment. If at time service has been completed and contact with the owner cannot be met Samuda Mobile Detailing will safely park your vehicle lock your doors stash your key in a private location. If there is no safe location to leave keys Samuda Mobile Detailing will take the keys and additional fees will be applied for the inconvenience.

Cancellations / downgrade

We strongly recommend that each customer take out the necessary time to choose the package that best fits your vehicles condition. With auto detailing at such high demand there will be a inconvenience fee charged of $25 for the downgraded service additional to service provided. In case a service is cut short any discounts will be voided and a total will be calculated base upon service provided.

All confirmed vehicles must be present to avoid additional fees. Samuda Mobile Detailing will wait no longer than 15-20 minutes after arrival before canceling appointment. There is a $50 cancellation fee per vehicle.

Payment type

We accept all major debit and credit cards , business checks and cash. We no longer accept any other forms of payment. Mobile checkout and invoicing available through our site. Please have payment ready at time of check out. Please make sure to thoroughly inspect your vehicle before completing payment. Once payment has been completed you will receive a receipt of your transaction. All transactions are final and can not be refunded. All services over $100 have a 3.7% processing fee. Services over $500 require a 50% non refundable deposit. Applicable sales taxes applies to all sales.

Luxury - Exotic - historic - custom

All vehicles under this section are priced accordingly to accommodate and preserve the quality of all vehicles and a additional $25 - $75 will be charged at our professional discretion

Removal of trash and personal items

Cleaning up bulk trash and personal items is not a service that is provided in any of our packages. This can be a very time consuming process. We genuinely ask that all customers remove all personal items from vehicles, along with disposing of any unwanted item prior to service. If items are left in vehicle there will be an additional $25 clean up fee charged to service

Lost or misplaced items

Please take the time to remove all valuable items from your vehicle before your detailer arrives. We strongly suggest this to prevent any unlikely accidents from happening. Please remove any  weapons, drugs, money, wallets, purses, fashionable attire , car seats, car chargers, gps, GoPro, mail, receipts, keys, jewelry, glass bottles, tablets, phones, and/or toys. We will respect each vehicle as it was our own and will not be responsible for any person failing to read this policy nor the items in question

Damaged property

By booking a service with us, all customers will take full responsibility for any damages outside the knowledge of Samuda Mobile Detailing and employees. If obvious damage occurs in the process Samuda Mobile Detailing will investigate the situation and proceed with the necessary measures. We ask all customers to please check over your vehicle before and after each service, and notify your detailer of any new repairs, recently treated or damaged areas