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Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is the ultimate layer of protection for your vehicle, inside and out.

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Over time, the sun can break down factory clear coat, combined with pollutants that settle on your vehicle’s surface, introducing oxidation and eventually fading your paint. Owner’s Pride CeramicCoating adds a layer of protection that chemically bonds to the clear coat surface providing an impermeable layer between your vehicle and the elements.

Every region of the world has unique weather challenges for vehicles – water, sand, salt, snow and heat. The density and resilience of Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating provides the ultimate layer of protection against fretting, sliding wear, erosion, abrasion, galling, hot gases and corrosive liquids brought on by nature or man-made.

Spring rains bring higher levels of nitric and sulfuric acid not only to rainfall but to moisture in the air. When this moisture evaporates it leaves an acidic residue behind that can break down your clear coat and paint. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle, creating an impermeable bond on your car’s surface.

A myriad of industrial pollutants are being pumped into our atmosphere and settling on any surface they can bond with, creating compounding deposits on the roads and in our soil. Owner’s PrideCeramic Coating creates a Hydrophobic layer between your vehicle and the heavy metals, preventing oxidation, deterioration, and freely rinsing away.

Bird droppings contain an extraordinarily high level of uric acid, which quickly eats through traditional vehicle waxes and clear coats, damaging the paint below. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle, by creating a permanent, impenetrable layer of protectant that is more dense and resilient than wax or polymers.

Tree sap is one of Mother Nature’s most powerful adhesives. Combined with the sun on your vehicle’s surface, tree sap can pull the clear coat off, and potentially etch your vehicle surface, revealing the paint below to the elements. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating provides a layer of protection that won’t allow sap to adhere.


Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is the result of decades of research, development, and field experience in detailing and protecting vehicles of all types, inside and out. It is a Hydrophobic coating leveraging silica technology that chemically bonds with a factory clear coat to provide a layer of protection that is more permanent and resilient than wax or other polymers. This creates an impenetrable layer to UV, weather, acids, pollutants, bird droppings, tree sap, and anything else that threatens your vehicle’s surface.

Make your clearcoat more resilient and exponentially more dense with car coating than traditional wax coating or polymers. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating can be applied to nearly every aspect of your vehicle to protect your car paint, rims, glass, plastic, headlights, fabric, leather, carpet, and vinyl.


When properly applying the ceramic coating to painted metals, plastics, and glass, corrosive materials cannot adhere to the surface, and easily lift and rinse away. Car ceramic coating is the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s surfaces. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is backed by a 7-year warranty.


Owner’s Pride Interior Ceramic Coating is backed by a 7-year warranty that covers everything from food and stains and sun fading to rips, tears, and burns. Our interior ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection to all fabric, leather, plastic, carpet, and vinyl on the inside of your vehicle. This protection creates more water tension on all soft surfaces providing easier cleaning and protection from stains setting in. For best results, use Owners Price Ceramic Coating with a microfiber towel.

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